Write For Us

Club Penguin Island Help is always looking for new writers, and thinkers to expand our website to provide our viewers with high quality posts. If you believe that you have what it takes to become a writer on our website continue reading on.

Your Responsibilities:

Get set up with our format of posting: We have provided our writers with how we would like them to format their posts and help them achieve greater writing skills.

Post twice a week: All writers are required to at least write two post or more a week, not following this will lead to a remove from the website. The maximum posts a day are 4, unless asked for permission from an Admin.

Stay active and work hard: Staying active is posting, commenting and sharing the website to show us that you have a lot of dedication to the website. As well if the Admins are starting to notice a lot of hard work coming from you, we will start opening up more opportunities for you in the Club Penguin Island community.

What You’ll Get:

Work on our website: As a writer, you’ll get to work on a trusted website in the Club Penguin Island community, as well as working with writers that have common goals as you.

Chances to work your way up: If you work hard and stay active, you’ll be able to work your way up the positions, and higher positions means more respect and greater opportunities.

Writing practice: Writing is a highly important skill in today’s world. Becoming a writer here will help improve your writing and creative writing skills to better yourself for your future.

Payments: If the website is to ever becoming profitable, we will pay our hard working writers who meet our criteria.

Submission Form:

To apply to work at Club Penguin Island Help, fill out the following form in a comment on this post.

  • Name/Username: The name you best go by. (This can be your Club Penguin Island username / Twitter username)
  • How to contact you: We need to know the fastest ways to contact you via Twitter, Skype, Email, etc.
  • WordPress email: You must have a WordPress account to apply here, if you don’t have a WordPress account, then you won’t be getting hired.
  • Past experience: Write about an experience you have in writing, in real life, or on Club Penguin / Club Penguin Island blogs.
  • Why you’d be active: Write a paragraph simply about why you have the mindset to be an active writer and what you’ll do to stay active. We want to know what it is about you that says you’ll be a hard working member of this site.
  • Any other comments: Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to say regarding your Application here.

Here’s a copy of the form to paste into a comment:

  • Name/Username:
  • How to contact you:
  • WordPress Email:
  • Past experience(s):
  • Why you’d be active:
  • Any addition comments:

The best of luck to you all!



  1. Name/Username: JcJ44
    How to contact you: Twitter: @jcj44cpi
    WordPress Email: jcj44cpi@gmail.com
    Past experience(s): I currently write on CPINewsAndMore but want to expand my experience.
    Why you’d be active: I will be active because I have a great passion for CPI and love writing and helping others!
    Any addition comments: Nope!


  2. Name/Username: Dj Stores
    How to contact you: @DjStoresssss on Twitter
    WordPress Email: djstoresssss@gmail.com
    Past experience(s): https://www.theislandersapp.com http://pengfeed.weebly.com
    Why you’d be active: I’m up for something new. In the past, I’ve worked on classic Club Penguin blogs (now shut down) to deliver news and I’d like to try it with Club Penguin Island. I commit all of my time to Club Penguin Island and the community. I’d like to try working on another Club Penguin Island blog which doesn’t carry the stress of running my own to perhaps revive my interest in the game and feel like I am delivering to the community.
    Any addition comments: While I have done stories/creative writing on my own blog, I feel it would be a new, interesting and perhaps exciting challenge to work on Club Penguin Island Help to deliver news and other help. I don’t write about Island news on my own blog and have no intentions to. I currently have Adobe Photoshop CC for graphic design. Thanks for the opportunity to apply. Waddle on!


  3. Please let me be a club penguin news writer ! My penguin name is ladybug57 . Email is the quickest way to contact me . Please let me be a writer but I don’t have WordPress because my parents won’t let me . I have amazing report cards every year . I almost always have all 3s in writing and reading. I love this game I will always stay active because I am on this game quite a lot , because of old club penguin I love this game . I write all the time and I will post twice a week . I know I don’t have a wordpress account but please don’t overlook this . Goodbye and Waddle on .


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