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Club Penguin Island Help achieves to become your #1 Help and News website for everything Club Penguin Island. From our detailed guides to our fast reporting skills we offer you the best of Club Penguin Island at just the tips of your fingers. Our Club Penguin Island Help Support Team is here for you if you have a question, comment down below, and our Staff members will be glad to assist you.

Club Penguin Island Help Team:

Quester – Founder/Admin – @QuesterCP –

lMACl – Author/Video Maker – @lMAClPenguin




  1. I currently have a club penguin account with a ton of items I don’t want to lose. I have registered
    That same account on here. Will I still have my items on this new game? ( furniture,pins,clothing etc) I’ve been playing that account for five years and it would be upsetting to lose it😞


    1. Hey Jayden, No sorry you won’t have any of your Club Penguin items transferred over to Club Penguin Island. Although you will receive an Alumni Jacket with your Penguin’s Age in Years on the back.


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