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What is Club Penguin Island?

Club Penguin Island is a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game for mobile devices, which is the successor to Club Penguin. On Club Penguin Island you can discover all the secrets, myths, legends, treasures, and endless possibilities! Waddle around with friends, level-up, quest for special rewards…even snack on some stinky cheese. There are new things for EVERYONE to do every day, so join the party!


  • (On Mobile) To walk around, swipe the screen in the direction you would like to go in and your Penguin will walk in that direction.
  • (On Computer) To walk around, either drag around your mouse, or use the arrow keys in the direction you would like to go in and your Penguin will walk in that direction.
  • If your Penguin isn’t walking in a direction, you may have something in the way, try moving a different direction or try Jumping over it with the Spring icon.
  • To enter a different Room, walk in the direction of the entrance or use the Map.


  • Club Penguin Island has several Games that allow you to earn Coins and Level Experience.
  • You can purchase Games from any of the Party Supply Shops found in any of the Rooms on the Island.
  • Only Members can Purchase/Start the Games, but any Penguins can join in.


  • Club Penguin Island Coins are your currency for buying stuff. You earn coins by playing Games, collecting Collectibles, completing Daily Challenges/Adventures, Fishing, all on the Club Penguin Island.
  • Coins cannot be purchased with real money, only earned within the game.
  • Coins cannot be transferred from penguin to penguin.
  • When you buy items, coins will automatically be deducted from your penguin account, and the item will be added to your inventory.


  • You can view your Level, Progress, etc. by tapping on your Penguin or opening My Penguin – My Profile.
  • You can Level up by completing Character Adventures, Daily Challenges and Games.
  • This is how you earn new Emojis, Blueprints/Clothing, Party Supplies, Gear, Adventures, and much more.

The Designer:

  • If you are a member, you can spend your Coins to buy items for your Penguin.
  • To buy clothing and accessories, go into My Penguin – My Style – Create.
  • Your penguin will not automatically wear the Item you purchased. You must select the Item from Your Closet to wear your new item.
  • You can delete/remove purchased items from Your Closet, by tapping on the Trash Can and tap “X” on the Clothing that you want removed. You cannot remove Adventure Items, only clothing that you have designed.


  • Tap on your Penguin or Tap on My Penguin – My Profile to open your Playercard up.
  • Your Playercard shows your Membership status, Days Old, Coins (only seen by you), and your Penguin Level.
  • To change your Penguin’s Color, Tap on My Penguin – My Profile – Color.


  • To add a Friend, tap onto their Penguin and select Add Friend.
  • To remove a Friend, tap onto their Penguin and select the “…” then tap Unfriend.
  • To report a Penguin, tap on their Penguin and tap the “…”. Then tap Report and select the reasoning to why you want to report this Penguin.


  • The Map is your shortcut to the rest of Club Penguin Island.
  • Tap on the Map Icon (fourth one) to open your Map, and select the Room you want to visit.


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