Monthly Giveaway

What is a Monthly Giveaway?

A Club Penguin Island Help giveaway is a monthly giveaway of a iTunes / Google Play card, that you can use to purchase a Club Penguin Island Membership or even a different app. That is up to you, but we recommend you purchasing a Club Penguin Island Membership.

How do I win?

We will offer a special Challenge that you must complete each month, and the player will the highest or best score will win the selected card of choice.

What happens if there is a Tie?

If a tie is to happen, the players that have tied will have to do a special challenge to resolve the true winner.

When will the Monthly Giveaway start?

We will start doing Monthly Giveaways once Club Penguin Island has officially been released worldwide, to make the Giveaways more fun and fair for all.