Club Penguin Island Loading Screen Facts/Tips:

  • Snack n’ Slide = Eating while tubing!
  • More penguins on the Cove’s stage mean bigger effects!
  • Some unique items can only be earned on Adventures.
  • Change your penguin color in the My Penguin tab.
  • To add a friend, tap on them or search their name. (mobile)
  • To add a friend, click on them or search their name. (desktop)
  • The higher your level, the more you can customize.
  • Earning levels can unlock party supplies like piñatas!
  • Rockhopper loves telling stories. Some are even true!
  • Aunt Arctic’s in charge of keeping our community safe.
  • Fishdog fan? Check the Foodtrekker at the Boardwalk.
  • The Sea Caves are a great place to find collectibles.
  • Have you tried riding a geyser in Beacon Boardwalk?
  • The volcano in Coconut Cove keeps it warm.
  • Enjoy a lazy river ride in Coconut Cove.
  • The Migrator is Captain Rockhopper’s ship.
  • What’s inside the old Lighthouse is a mystery.
  • Use change rooms or My Penguin to visit your Closet.
  • Report rule breakers to keep the community safe.
  • The Welcome Plaza puts on events every few minutes.
  • Explore the whole island to find collectibles and coins.
  • Your collectibles are worth coins at The Exchange.
  • Cheer for the band at the Cove’s stage!
  • If the action button’s lit up, there’s something to do!
  • The statue in the Boardwalk points to new construction.
  • Cold, steep mountains line the island’s west side.
  • Piñatas and Party Blasters give coins to those nearby.
  • Hot sauce powers many of the island’s attractions.
  • Rockhopper ships supplies in on the Migrator.
  • Aunt Arctic’s an expert on the island’s history.
  • The Wish Squid is said to be very good luck.
  • Collected seashells are used for concrete and jewelry
  • Seaweed makes a great smoothie or salad!
  • Beacon Boardwalk’s flowers are harvested for confetti.
  • Glowsticks come from the Sea Caves’ glowing crystals.
  • Nothing cleans up like a sea sponge!
  • Enjoy a picnic on the hill of Beacon Boardwalk.
  • Every market has a unique party supply.
  • Traded-in collectibles are used for island projects.
  • Legends say the island was part of the lost land of Penglantis.
  • Crabs live deep in the Sea Caves by the volcano vents.
  • Some say the submarine still holds top secret info.
  • 2-5 18-5-1-4-25
  • Who ruled from the sunken throne in the Sea Caves?
  • If someone is lost, try to help them out. Lead the way!
  • Can’t type fast enough? Check the Quick Chat.
  • Have you climbed to the top of the waterfall?
  • Ride the waterslide in Beacon Boardwalk.
  • Some flags stand for letters…
  • Lifeguards are always needed at the Cove.
  • Sit, chat, and tell stories around the campfire.
  • Turn up the sound to hear the world come alive.
  • A good jackhammer can solve a lot of problems.
  • Hold the snowball button down to throw harder.
  • Complete Daily Challenges for coins and collectibles.
  • Refill your air underwater by finding bubbles.
  • Seen the ancient cave drawings by the campfire?
  • Tap the bolt beside the chat bar to use Quick Chat. (mobile)
  • Click the bolt beside the chat bar to use Quick Chat. (desktop)
  • Island expert? Maybe you could help others out!
  • New to the island? Many penguins love to help.
  • Speedy? Try out the Sea Caves’ race course.
  • Watch out for crabs underwater. They’re crabby.
  • Emojis can express your feelings without words!
  • Markets can be found in unexpected places.
  • A group of pirate penguins is called a crew.
  • Items like birthday cake can be shared with others.
  • What creatures could be hiding on the island?
  • It’s said a brilliant penguin built the Party Sub.
  • Springboards can help you reach new heights.
  • Looking to relax? There’s a hot spring at the Boardwalk.
  • Need directions? Get close to a sign to read it.
  • Coconuts on trees will fall at the slightest shake.
  • Tubes work on land and water!
  • There’s tons of clothing for all kinds of styles.
  • Who left all these coins lying around anyway?
  • The Boardwalk can turn into a dance floor. Party!
  • You can host a concert at Coconut Cove!
  • The Foodtrekker is based on the old Snowtrekker.
  • Use Quick Chats to pull off special actions. DANCE PARTY!
  • There are lots of ways to complete a clothing challenge.
  • Top clothing challenge designs get featured!
  • Open oyster shells make comfy seats.
  • Having trouble with a daily challenge? Ask for help!
  • Party blasters are a great way to share coins. Fun too!
  • Penguins are flightless birds? Nah, Jet Pack Guy flies.
  • The Disney Shop has outfits of very familiar characters.
  • Dot was trained by a stealth master.
  • You have so many snowballs, I bet you’ll never run out!
  • Variety is awesome. Instead of pizza, try a squid stick. Yum!
  • The island pizza is made with love. (But mostly cheese).
  • Mt. Blizzard hosts two major tube races.
  • Speed matters on Snow Stormer, but avoid obstacles.
  • CPSN: The island-wide leader in sports.
  • Know first aid? Help out at the Rescue Hut.
  • Summit Plummet races are won by the fast and fearless.
  • Sit at CPSN and let your inner sports anchor take over.
  • I’ve heard the telescope can spot UFOs!
  • Don’t want to climb Mt. Blizzard? Use a cannon!
  • Try a camp-out with friends on Mt. Blizzard.
  • Bouncing up Mt. Blizzard is a great way to find coins.
  • Choklidium makes hot cocoa. Of course.
  • There are strange footprints around the mountain…
  • Not tube racing? Cheer your friends on to victory!
  • Gary invented a lot of the contraptions on Mt. Blizzard.
  • Crate Co. packages are air-dropped in. Snazzy!
  • After a tough tube run, try the hot cocoa at Snowmelt Shop.
  • When a regular container won’t do, you need Crate Co.
  • Nothing quite like the view from the chairlift.
  • The Trampoline 3000 is simple. More penguins = more bounce.
  • Do drive-by archaeology on Summit Plummet.
  • Join Team Dance Battles and bust a move for coins and XP
  • Dance battles occur when groups can’t agree about pineapples on pizza
  • Penguins are flightless birds known for their sick dance moves
  • A star next to a penguin’s name means they’re on a quest
  • Franky’s is the premiere pizza destination
  • Franky’s is owned by a local musician—his band’s art is on the wall
  • Crews are working on building the tramlines
  • Dot’s building a one-stop shop for island fashion—even snorkels
  • Island Central is all about great food, great music, and an amazing community
  • Igloos & Interiors—OPENING SOON
  • Flour flowers are flowers that flower flour—got that?
  • The flag features the official island crest
  • If you’re gonna shop till you drop, I suggest dropping at the garden
  • If you’ve got the dance moves, DJ Cadence has the beats
  • It’s more than an igloo—you get a whole plot of land. No mowing required!
  • With the magic of 3D, you can rotate furniture in any direction!
  • Most furniture can be stacked. Finally your crate tower can become reality!
  • A vending machine is like a market in your home.
  • Most furniture can be resized from tiny to WHOA-THAT’S-BIG!
  • Igloo items like trampolines and cannons are fully functional!
  • Bushes and trees go a long way to sprucing up your yard.
  • Igloos & Interiors sells igloo buildings—including beach shacks and space bunkers.
  • You can access igloos from the world map or the tram in Island Central.
  • There can be multiple igloos on a lot. Create a neighourhood!
  • Need some alone time? Make your igloo private.
  • Planting a forest? Rotate and resize trees to give each it a natural look.
  • Can’t remember which adventure you’re playing? Check Island Live in the CPI Phone!
  • When’s the next Team Dance Battle? Check out CPI Phone for times!
  • Get creative with furniture—shrink a table into a step stool!
  • Penguins get a plot of land for an igloo when they arrive on the island.
  • Members can unlock new furniture by increasing their penguin level.
  • Island Live will keep you up to date on events, adventures, games, and more!
  • Your account gives you access to Club Penguin Island on mobile and desktop!
  • Keyboard warrior? Touch screen trooper? CPI can be played on desktop or mobile!
  • Find new ways to smile by levelling up and collecting emojis.
  • Igloos & Interiors has a constantly expanding collection of furniture.


  1. Please add igloos and puffles and I know thousands and thousands of people will agree it will make you more popular and more money please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please add these and take my advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because everyone wants the old club penguin


    1. Hey, Hudson! Regarding your request, we can’t make anything possible, but let me tell you that designers and programmers are working really hard to get you puffles and igloos within the next few updates. Stay tuned to Club Penguin Island help, so when new updates come you can see if they added puffles or igloos.

      Waddle On! 😀


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