Where can I find my Clothing?

In My Penguin – My style, you can find Your Closet which holds all your Clothing, brought one and Adventure ones.

Where do I buy Clothing?

First you must be a Club Penguin Island Member, to Create/Buy Clothing from The Designer (clothing store). Once in Your Closet, you tap Create and select which item you would like to Buy/Design. You must Level your Penguin to unlock more Clothing.

How do I Design a piece of Clothing?

Select the clothing that you would like to design and choose it. Then you will be able to select a color/pattern for the Fabric, then you also tap on the two arrows to select some Decals to add to your clothing. With Decals you can increase their size, rotate them, and even pattern them. If you have messed up your Design by mistake, you can tap the X and select Ok to restart. Once you have finished your Clothing, tap the Checkmark and buy it for the amount of Coins. Then it’ll be added to Your Closet.

How do I delete an unwanted Clothing item?

You must go to Your Closet, and tap the Trash Can above your Clothing, then tap on the X of the Clothing that you want deleted. Not all Clothing can be deleted, Adventure items cannot be removed from Your Closet.

Why do my Clothing have Locks on them and are Grey?

These Clothes are Member-Only clothing, meaning you cannot wear them unless you have an active Club Penguin Island Membership on your account.

I have a lot of Clothing, can I organization my Clothing?

Yes you can organization your Clothing into Categories by scrolling the bar at the bottom of Your Closet to organization them into what you’re looking for.

Can I hide selected items?

Yes, you can hide only the items that you designed not that the game has gave you.



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