Daily Challenges

What is a Daily Challenge?

A Daily Challenge is a list of three to five Challenges that the Club Penguin Island Team gives the player as well as the community to do daily. Some are for Members-only, and some require Teamwork. They change every day at Midnight PST.

How do I start a Challenge?

They are always active for you, all you must do is tap on the Phone in the upper left corner of your screen to read what you must achieve to complete it.

Can I do more than one Challenge at a time?

Yes, you can. Since they are always active throughout the day.

What happens if I log out or lose connection during a Challenge?

Nothing, you will still have all the progress saved. Just resume what you were doing before you lost connection or logged out.

I can’t find the Item that I’m looking for or it’s not popping up in the Challenge?

Are you a bit lost? If you’re having issues, you can ask other Penguins, check our Daily Challenges posts posted every day, or email Club Penguin Island Support.