Mission 5: Secret of the Fur

Guide to Mission 5: Secret of the Fur –

The mystery of the fur remains unsolved. Will you help G to unravel its secret?

  1. Speak to Gary the Gadget Guy.
  2. Click on the Furensic Analyzer 3000 (Briefcase).
  3. Open your Spy Phone – Tools – Comb – Fur.
  4. Drag the Fur Sample into your Inventory.
  5. Re-Click on the Furensic Analyzer 3000, and Click/Drag the Fur Sample onto the Furensic Analyzer 3000.
  6. Before leaving the room, move to your left until you see the AC 3000, Click/Drag into your Inventory.
  7. Open your Map, and go to the Town – Coffee Shop.
  8. Speak the Penguin behind the counter.
  9. Click on the Drawing on the counter, then Re-Speak with the Penguin.
  10. Click on the broken Hot Chocolate Maker behind the Penguin.
  11. Open your Spy Phone – Tools – Wrench – Milk Hose – Return Wrench to Spy Phone. Click on the Cold/Hot Dial on the side. Click/Drag on the Mug and place under the spout for Hot Chocolate. Click on the Insert Chocolate funnel. You learn that we now need Chocolate.
  12. Open your Map, and go to the Plaza – Pizza Parlor.
  13. Move to your left and Speak to the Pizza Chef Penguin.
  14. Click/Drag the Hot Pizza Sauce Bottle and Chocolate Sauce Bottle into your Inventory.
  15. Re-Speak to the Pizza Chef Penguin, Click/Drag the Pizza Box from the counter to your Inventory.
  16. Open your Map and go to the Ski Village – Ski Lodge – Ice Fishing Door.
  17. Click/Drag the Pizza Box on top of the Fishing Penguin.
  18. Open your Map, and return to the Coffee Shop and Click on the Hot Chocolate Machine.
  19. Click/Drag the Chocolate Sauce on top of the Insert Chocolate funnel. Press the Red Button for Hot Chocolate. Click/Drag the Hot Chocolate Mug into your Inventory.
  20. Open your Map, and go to the Beach – Lighthouse.
  21. Move to your left, and Click/Drag the Rope on the Red Boat and Move to your right and Click/Drag the Fish Net beside the Wooden Steering Wheel into your Inventory.
  22. Speak to the Scared Penguins at the bottom of the Lighthouse Stairs.
  23. Head up the Lighthouse Stairs.
  24. Move to your far right, and Click/Drag the AC 3000 out of your Inventory, and use it to blow the Jetpack Fuel Balloon towards the Beacon. Return the AC 3000 to your Inventory.
  25. Open your Spy Phone – Tools – Scissors – Balloon String. Return the Scissors to your Spy Phone.
  26. Click/Drag the Jetpack Fuel into your Inventory.
  27. Open your Spy Phone – Visit HQ – Gadget Room – Speak to Gary.
  28. Click/Drag the Hot Chocolate Mug, Hot Sauce Bottle, and Jetpack Fuel on top of the Goggles funnel.
  29. Click/Drag the Goggles into your Inventory, then Click on them to turn the Goggles on.
  30. Open your Map and go to the Plaza. Follow the Paw Prints from the Plaza – Snow Forts – Town – Dock – Beach – Ski Village – Ski Lodge.
  31. Speak to the Ice Fishing Penguin under the couch cushions. Click/Drag the Candle to your left into your Inventory. Go to the Ice Fishing Door.
  32. Combine the Rope and Fish Net in your Inventory, then Click/Drag the Trap near the Tree. Click/Drag the Candle from your Inventory onto the Trap. Click/Drag the White Fur and Trapped Crab into your Inventory.
  33. Return to the Gadget Room and Speak to Gary.
  34. Click/Drag the Trapped Crab on top of Gary. Open the Furensic Analyzer 3000, and Click/Drag the White Fur into the machine.
  35. Mission Completed!

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