List of current Rooms located on Club Penguin Island:

Beacon Boardwalk – is the currently main hub for everything on Club Penguin Island, as well as the Welcoming room for new Penguins to explore and learn. At the Beacon Boardwalk, you can find 2/2 of the Characters that provide us with Adventures, Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper. But the key feature of the Beacon Boardwalk is the Welcome Plaza, where there is a countdown timer for fun events, such as Trampoline, Dance Floor and Beach Balls. Also there are many more features there such as the Exchange Center (where you can exchange your Collectibles for Coins), Welcome Market (where you can purchase Party Supplies), Fishing Spot (where you can Fish for Coins), Water Slide (where you can use your Tube to slide down), Changing Rooms (where you can change your outfit) and even the Migrator (Rockhopper’s Ship).

Coconut Cove – is somewhere where you can come and relax by yourself or with your friends, on the beach. There are many seats all around the room for you to grab a sit and hangout, such as the towels on the Floating Dock, on the logs by the Campfire, or the chair overlooking the waterfall. One of the Coconut Cove’s key feature is the Stage, where Members can select 1/3 instruments to play, and with more players playing instruments, creating a bigger and louder Stage, or you can become a Lifeguard at the Lifeguard Station. Plus there is also the SS Convenience store, where you can purchase Party Supplies.

The Sea Caves – is the ultimate exploring room for players to explore and discover new things about Club Penguin Island’s history, collect some collectibles, or even find secret Treasure Chests. You can dive underwater to explore, also make sure to keep your Air Bubble full by refilling it at the Air Bubble Stations, or else you’ll have to return to the surface. There are many sections to The Sea Caves such as the Race Course (where you can race other players and try to get the lowest time), Party Submarine (where you can have a party with friends), Throne Room (where you can play caste with friends), Crab Den (where all the Crabs hangout), and lastly the Glow Grotto (where you can purchase Party Supplies at the Deep Sea Shop).

More Rooms to be added…