Episode 4 – Safety First

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Rookie’s Safety First (Episode 4) Adventure.

Looks like Rookie failed his Safety Inspection, but I’m sure that you’re able to help him fix his issues, and help him pass it.

To begin this Adventure, speak to Rookie. “Hey! Jet Pack Guy finished the safety inspection”

Step 1. Waddle to Mt. Blizzard’s Bridge and use a Jackhammer on it. Open My Inventory – Gear – Jackhammer. Use it on each of the 3 ice blocks.

Step 2. Find all 5 of the Safety Kits. The first one is just right of the Snowmelt Shop. Second is beside the Cannon to get to the top of Mt. Blizzard. Third on the left side of teh Tube Races sign. Fourth at the far right side of Mt. Blizzard at the end of the Ski Lift. The Fifth / Last one is in-front of the Snowmelt Shop. Collect 5x Safety Kits. Waddle to the First Aid hut beside the Cannon to get to the top of Mt. Blizzard, and replace the Safety Kits.

Step 3. Waddle up to the Trappers, now waddle to Beacon Boardwalk and go to the Fishing Spot. The Fishing Spot is just before Rockhopper’s Ship, The Migrator. Now Interact with a Fishing Rod, and fish up 3 Fluffies. Collect 3x Fluffies. Return to the Trappers at Mt. Blizzard. Waddle up to each Trapper and Interact with them. Collect 3x Trapper Plants. Return to Rookie.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Rookie’s Safety First (Episode 4)

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