Episode 2 – Fixer Upper

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Rookie’s Fixer Upper (Episode 2) Adventure.

Rookie had a little mix up with what to sell at the Snowmelt Shop, and you have to fix it, but that’s not all.

To begin this Adventure, speak to Rookie. “Alright! My first round of improvements is all done.”

Step 1. Use the Cannon to get to the main ground level of Mt. Blizzard and locate 9 Chokliduim and 3 Chuggable Cheese. First set of Choklidium is in front of the Tube Races sign. Second Set is on the left side of Mt. Blizzard on the way up the Campsite. Third/Last set is to the far left side across the Bridge / Behind the Waterfall. First Chuggable Cheese is at the Lifeguard Station to the far right of Mt. Blizzard. Second is at the Snowmelt Shop. Third/Last one is at Crate Co. Collect Choklidium.

Step 2. Waddle to the Snowmelt Shop and Interact with the Hopper. Speak to Rookie.

Step 3. Collect Auto-Warbler 3000. Waddle or Map it to Coconut Cove’s Stage.

Step 4. Interact with the Keytar, play any 5 notes. Collect Auto-Warbler Full. Speak to Rookie.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Rookie’s Fixer Upper (Episode 2)

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