Episode 1 – Drop In

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Rookie’s Drop In (Episode 1) Adventure.

What is Rookie up to now? Well looks like he’s trying to get Judges to come check out the Tubing Course, but if you know Rookie, he always has a fun way of doing things.

To begin this Adventure, speak to Rookie. “Hiya! Welcome to Mt. Blizzard! Rookie at your service”

Step 1. Waddle to the right side and Interact with the TV Camera. Collect Order Form.

Step 2. Use the Cannon to get down the Mountain faster. Waddle to the left towards the entrance of Mt. Blizzard to the right of it is Crate Co. It has Clock Tower and a Cannon on top.

Step 3. Waddle across the Bridge to the Snowmelt Shop and purchase a Hot Cocoa for 10 Coins.

Step 4. Waddle to the far left side of Mt. Blizzard to meet up with Rookie.

Step 5. Now you must find and pick up 8 Rubble pieces. First one is in front of Crate Co. Second on the hill beside the Bridge. Third, Fourth and Fifth are at the end of the Tube Racing Courses. Sixth and Seventh is beside the Snowmelt Shop. Eighth is on the Bridge. Collect Rubble 8x.

Step 6. Speak to Rookie again. Waddle up to Rookie’s Shack and use a Jackhammer, My Inventory – Gear – Jackhammer.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Rookie’s Drop In (Episode 1)

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