Episode 9 – The Black Pearl

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Rockhopper’s The Black Pearl (Episode 9) Adventure.

Has Rockhopper and you figured out the true meaning to the plagues, if so what/who will it lead you to.

To begin this Adventure, speak to Rockhopper. “I was in a storm last night and I was struck by an idea! Also lightning.”

Step 1. Drag each Plaque piece onto each other to form one picture together. Collect Mystery Instructions.

Step 2. Waddle to the Sea Caves, and dive in. The Giant Oyster is located south, beside the Deep Sea Shop. Collect Giant Pearl.

Step 3. Return the Coconut Cove, and just under Jawbone, left of the SS Convenience, stand just under Jawbone.

Step 4. Waddle back to Beacon Boardwalk. Pick up the Black Pearl, it’s located just right of the Beacon Boardwalk Entrance, up the hill and on the fence. Collect Black Pearl.

Step 5. Return to Coconut Cove, and waddle to your far right, and on the steps to the Zipline you will see a Stone with a Spiral on it. Interact with it.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Rockhopper’s The Black Pearl (Episode 9).

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