Episode 5 – A Cursory Look

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Rockhopper’s A Cursory Look (Episode 5) Adventure.

You and Rockhopper have found a cursed amulet and Rockhopper is cursed from it, and you must save him. I’m sure Aunt Arctic will have a cure for it.

To begin this Adventure, speak to Rockhopper. “Ye gotta help me, matey! That amulet we found isn’t a Treasure, it be cursed!”

Step 1. Speak to Aunt Arctic in Beacon Boardwalk. Collect Cure Recipe.

Step 2. Waddle into Coconut Cove and in front of the Stage, you will find a Conch. Collect Conch. Now you must Waddle back to Beacon Boardwalk, and to your right, on the pathway to the Water Slide you will see a Picnic Blanket and right beside it you will see the O’berry Jam. Collect Red O’berry Jam. Now Waddle to the Fishing Spot and cast out a line to catch a Fish Slobber. Lastly you must Dive into the Sea Caves and right once you Dive in, go to your left and just shortly pass the Swim Races, you will find an Oyster, where you must boost into it when the Pearl is revealed. Collect Pearl.

Step 3. Waddle back to the Coconut Cove, and use the Fire Pit, just left of the Sea Caves entrance to warm up the ingredients.

Step 4. Waddle into Beacon Boardwalk and use the far right Zipline to get up to the Crow’s Nest on Rockhopper’s Ship. Collect Cure Conch.

Step 5. Return to Rockhopper.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Rockhopper’s A Cursory Look (Episode 5).

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    1. You must be a little bit away from an Oyster for it to open up it’s mouth, then you’ll have to quickly boost into it to get the Pearl.


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