Episode 3 – Gongs Away

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Rockhopper’s Gongs Away (Episode 3) Adventure.

There are three things that every Pirate should know, how to find Treasure, dress like a Pirate and use a Sword, since you have learned the first two things in the past Adventures, now it’s time to learn how to use a Sword, and save your Treasure.

To begin this Adventure speak to Rockhopper. “Ahoy! Shellbeard’s ghost couldn’t help us find the treasures, but his journal will. Look!”

Step 1. Pick up a Sword and practice all three Sword Swings on Bob the Dummy. Then you will have to defeat three more Dummies. Collect Pirate Sword.

Step 2. Waddle into Coconut Cove and waddle to your right, and a Tablet will rise out of the sand. Waddle up to it and equip your Sword from your Gear. Cut the Vines off the Tablet with your Sword, then inspect it.

Step 3. Equip a Pirate Hat and buy Fireworks at the Welcome Hut for 10 Coins. Waddle to the far right of Beacon Boardwalk, just above the Water Slide, and use the Fireworks at the Fountain. The Fireworks are in your Party Supplies.

Step 4. A new Tablet will rise, and you must inspect it. Then waddle to the Lighthouse Balcony. Hit it the Railings with your Sword three times.

Step 5. Return to Rockhopper’s Ship to help him defeat the Cursed Dummies. After they are defeated go in front of the Lighthouse and open the Treasure Chest. Collect Journal Pages.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Rockhopper’s Gongs Away (Episode 3).

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  1. the wooden sword doesnt appear in my gear, and no stone tablet appear when I go into coconut cove , is this a bug ? I need help


  2. the tablet doesnt rise from the sand when i go to coconut cove, the task also goes from the corner of my screen. i have tried it on both the mobile app and four times on my computer… help!


  3. Whenever i go to do this adventure i never receive the sword and the stone tablet does not trigger, tried clearing cache and switching servers, can anyone help me?


  4. I’m currently trying to complete this task and I did step 1 with the sword but when I go to the right in the covers nothing comes out of the ground. Why?


  5. Club Penguin is amazing! I’m having trouble though with Club Penguin loading the 2nd stage of this episode… The tablet at the Cove never appears, even though I’ve tried shutting down the app and coming back another day.

    I also don’t have a star beside my name showing I’m on an adventure & my adventure shows I have no adventure items even though Rockhopper gave me a sword.

    Can you help? Thanks!


  6. Hello! I have a question, if I pause an adventure it doesn’t let me continue it. For example I tried to find the tablet in Rockhopper’s adventure and I paused it and it did not appear. What can I do?


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