Episode 2 – A Pirate’s Life

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Rockhopper’s A Pirate’s Life (Episode 2) Adventure.

What better way to hunt for Treasures when wearing your Pirate Outfit. You learn the need-to-know tips to fully live a true Pirate’s Life.

To begin this Adventure, speak to Rockhopper. “If you’re going to hunt for the Treasures, ye gotta look like a pirate!”

Step 1. Open up My Penguin – My Style, and Design or Equip Pirate related Clothing.


Step 2. At the back of the Ship, there is a Pirate Kit that has a Mop for you to clean up the five Junk Piles. Interact with the Pirate Kit, and select The Mop which is the third option down when in front of one of the five Junk Piles. Collect the Strange Drawing. Speak with Rockhopper again.

Step 3. Speak with Aunt Arctic, who is located right of the Event Circle. Waddle to Coconut Cove, and go to the Waterfall, which is on the left of Coconut Cove.

Step 4. Tap the Chat Bar – Frown Emoji, while in front of the Waterfall, then a Stoned Frown Emoji Tablet will pop up with an arrow. Follow the Arrows and do the emoji face that is located on the Stoned Tablet to pop-up another arrow, until a Chest pops up. The three Emoji Tablets are located in front of the Lifeguard Dock, beside the SS Convenience Market and lastly between the Coconut Cove’s Stage, and Waterfall. Interact with Chest, Collect Hat & Journal.

Step 5. Return back to Rockhopper in Beacon Boardwalk.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Rockhopper’s A Pirate’s Life (Episode 2).

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