Episode 1 – Bottled Maps

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Rockhopper’s Bottled Maps (Episode 1) Adventure.

Rockhopper gives you the chance to be a real Pirate and gives you a great Treasure Hunt to explore and find. What will you find? Treasure? Or maybe just a Spoon?

To begin this Adventure, speak to Rockhopper. “Ahoy there! Will ye join me on a hunt for lost Penglantian Treasures?”

Step 1. Waddle off The Migrator and waddle to the Fish Sign. (Don’t know how to Fish? Click here!) Interact to pick up a Fishing Rod,then cast out your Fishing Line.  You caught a Seaweed, Collect Seaweed. Rockhopper then suggests to find some Sticky Bait to use.

Step 2. Search the Crates around the Island for some Sticky Bait. Interact with Crates to open them. They are located near the Welcome Hut in Beacon Boardwalk, near the Stage in Coconut Cove, and lastly above the Deep Sea Cave’s entrance, steps are to your right to get up top. Collect Chewed Gum. Once you have found the Sticky Bait (Gumballs) waddle back to the Beacon Boardwalk and back to the the Fishing Spot.

Step 3. Interact to pick up a Fishing Rod,then cast out your Fishing Line. You caught a Bottled Map, Collect Bottled Map. Interact with Rockhopper to speak to him.


Step 4. Match the Map pieces together to form a Treasure Map, they will be pushed into place if you have find the correct spot for them. Collect Treasure Map.


Step 5. Find the X on the right side of Beacon Boardwalk, beside the Rusted Anchor. Equip a Jackhammer from My Inventory – Gear – Jackhammer, then select any of the three Jackhammer options to begin digging for the Treasure.


Step 6. Interact with Treasure Chest, Collect Treasure Chest and then waddle back to Rockhopper to speak with him.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Rockhopper’s Bottled Maps (Episode 1). Collect your 50 Coins and 75 XP.

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