Marble Hunt

Club Penguin Island Marble Hunt is a game that you can purchase at any of the Shops. (insert all Shop names/links). It’s basically a Club Penguin Island version of Hide and Seek. We will provide you with everything you need to know, and some great Tips on how to always win!

Game RK

Where is Marble Hunt?

Members can purchase Marble Hunt at any of the Party Supplies Shops throughout the Island for 40 coins. Once purchased, Members can access them through My Inventory – Games. Non-Members can access the game through a Member advertising it.

How do I play Marble Hunt? (As a Hider)

  1. As the Hider, you must place the Marbles in tricky places somewhere in the current Zone
  2. To place a Marble, tap the Action/Marble button
  3. Remember you only have 30 seconds to hide all 3 Marbles, and plus the Seeker is locked in their place until the Timer is done, or you have hided all the Marbles.

How do I play Marble Hunt? (As a Seeker)

  1. As the Seeker, you must wait for the Hider to hide all the Marbles
  2. You must find all 3 Marbles within the Zone you are in, and you have 45 seconds to find them
  3. Remember the Remote that the Seeker is holding, can assist you by blinking rapidly if you’re near a Marble
  4. Winner earns 30 Coins and 5 Rookie Experience, Loser earns 20 Coins and 3 Rookie Experience

Got Tips?

Are you a Pro at Marble Hunt? Comment below your tips and tricks to help others!


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