Fossil Four

Club Penguin Island Fossil Four is a game that you can purchase at any of the Shops. (insert all Shop names/links). It’s like the real life version of Find Four. We will provide you with everything you need to know, and some great Tips on how to always win!

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Where is Fossil Four?

Members can purchase Fossil Four at any of the Party Supplies Shops throughout the Island for 40 coins. Once purchased, Members can access them through My Inventory – Games. Non-Members can access the game through a Member advertising it.

How do I play Fossil Four?

  1. Use the Right/Left Arrows to move your chip where you want to place it
  2. Tap the Chips button, once you are where you want to place your chip
  3. Your goal is to make a row of 4, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally
  4. Winners earn 30 coins and 5 Aunt Arctic Experience, Losers earn 20 coins and 3 Aunt Arctic Experience

Got Tips?

  • Try starting in the middle, it gives you the most openings
  • Keep a sharp eye on your opponent, so you can block them
  • Make sure to have a few multiple winning rows