Game Basics

Why do some Penguins have a Star above their head?

These Penguins are special characters in Club Penguin Island with fun and exciting activities for you. Each one offers different things for you to do. You may be able to explore a new Adventure about the Island and be rewarded with special items for completing them.

How do I level up my Penguin?

There are many ways to level up your Penguin, the most popular way is to go on Character Adventures, residients of Club Penguin Island will have a Star above their head when they have an Adventure for you. As well you can complete Daily Challenges to earn experience.

How do I fish?

You waddle onto the Fishing Dock far right of Beacon Boardwalk and tap the exclamation, then cast out your Fishing Rod and when your line is in the water, you must wait and watch for a Fish to bite onto your line, then when the Orange Highlighted  “Fish Icon” goes off, you must tap it until you pull it up to the Dock.

How do I collect stuff?

There are all kinds of things to collect on Club Penguin Island; Clams, Seaweed, Crystals, Coconuts, Pearls, etc. Different things will be available in different locations on the island and new items and special items will be added over time. You can identify the collectable items because they have an exclamation mark pop up. To pick them you must tap the exclamation mark. Everything you collect is added to your backpack. You can then exchange them for Coins at the Exchange Center beside Aunt Arctic in Beacon Boardwalk.

Where can I buy Clothing for my Penguin?

You tap My Penguin and tap on My Style, then Create. Depending on your Penguin Level and if you’re a Member, you’ll have many Clothing to design. Choose an item to design and pick a fabric / colour to use, and hover it over the selected part of that Clothing. To add Decals you then tap on the two Arrows above Fabrics and drag your selected Decal to where you want it on you Clothing. You can as well enlarge and shrink the Decal and rotate it. Also you can decide to have them in a pattern or just by itself.

How do I delete Clothing/Items?

All you do is tap on the Trash Can and tap “X” on the Clothing that you want removed. You cannot remove Adventure Items, only clothing that you have designed.

How do I earn Coins?

There are a number of ways to earn coins on Club Penguin Island. You can earn them by collecting items like Clams, Seaweed, Crystals, Coconuts, Pearls that appear in various locations and exchanging them at the Exchange Center. You can go fishing at the Fishing Dock.

How do I add Friends to my Friend’s List?

You tap onto their Penguin and select Add Friend. Members and Non-Members have limits to how many Friends that you can have add.

If my Friend is on Club Penguin Island, how do I find them?

You must tap on My Penguin, then My Friends and pick the Friend that you are trying to find. Then you tap Jump to Friend, and your Penguin will jump to wherever your Friend is on the Island.

How do I report a Player?

You must tap on their Penguin and tap the “…” beside Add Friend. Then tap Report and select the reasoning to why you want to report this Penguin to the Club Penguin Island Team.

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