Game Basics

Welcome to Club Penguin Island Help!

We are one of the many Club Penguin Island blogs that provide players with Updates, Guides, Information and everything else Club Penguin Island! Now before we can help you with everything Club Penguin Island, you’ll have to Create a Penguin, if you already have, keep reading.


Now that you have created your Penguin, you’ll be able to access an Island full of fun activities for both Members and Non-Members! On Club Penguin Island you can discover all new secrets, myths, legends, treasures! Waddle around with new or old friends, level-up, complete adventures for special reward, even snack on some stinky cheese while tubing on the Lazy River. There are new things for everyone to do enjoy daily, so join the party!

Here at Club Penguin Island Help, we have many Pages to give you an extra hand at Adventures/Daily Challenges, Mini-Games, or also Help Guides on many popular questions that Players ask about! Please enjoy your stay here, and don’t forget to tell your friends and family about us! Can’t wait to see you all on the Island, Waddle on!

Account Issues:

Adventures/Daily Challenges:


Club Penguin Questions:


Error Messages:

  • Account Banned: Your Penguin/Account is banned, Contact Customer Support ( for details.
  • Account Error: They aren’t able to update/create your Account. Or the Team is updating servers.
  • Connection Error: When your Connection was lost, or the Server/World is full.
  • Network Connection Error: When there is no Connection to the Internet.
  • Warning: You said something that is breaking the Rules, if you continue doing that you will get Banned.


Membership Cancellation:

Membership Issues:

Technical Issues:




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