Episode 1 – Make the Cut

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to DJ Cadence’s Make the Cut (Episode 1) Adventure.

We gotta help DJ Cadence and the rest of the Event Team to create an awesome Dance Event for everyone, but it’s not that easy.

To start this Adventure, speak to DJ Cadence. “Thanks for coming. You must be the event coordinator Aunt Arctic sent.”

Step 1. Waddle to Coconut Cove, and Interact with Dot & Rory.

Step 2. Walk onto the Stand, and open My Penguin – My Style and Create/Equip something with Purple on it.

Step 3. You’ll have to memorize some Music Notes to successfully pass the Dance-off section, they are randomize, but you get unlimited tries.

Step 4. Collect Beach Bash Posters x4. Put Posters up at the SS Convenience (Coconut Cove), Foodtrekker (Beacon Boardwalk), Snowmelt Shop (Mt. Blizzard), and Franky’s (Island Central).

Step 5. Waddle to Coconut Cove.

Congratulations, you’ve completed DJ Cadence’s Make the Cut (Episode 1)

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