Club Penguin Island Levels:

Level 1 (Citizen Pack) –

  • New Blueprints: The Flow, The Best Mess, Flowy Tank Top, Layer It On Me, Daring Denim, Fuzzy Slippers, Tree Costume, T-Shirt, Ballet Flats.
  • New Fabrics: Flat 2, Starfish Fluffy, Flat 3, Flat 1, Cable Knit, Spruce Tree, Chevron Waves, Denim, Strips.
  • New Decals: Level Badge, Pocket, Fluffy, Seam, Emoji, Zipper.
  • New Emojis: Sickened Face, Face Sticking Out Tongue, Princess with Crown, Idea Lightbulb, Inner Tube, Upside-down Face, In Love, Grumpy, Music Notes, Jackhammer, Nerd Face, Cool Sunglasses Face, Poop, Party Popper, Campfire.
  • New Party Supplies:

Level 2 (Beach Pack) –

  • New Blueprints: The Lo-Fro, The Seashore Style, Snorkel Mask, Flower Lei, Summer Shorts, Flipper Floppers, Tubular Two-Piece, Coral Mermaid.
  • New Fabrics: Boho, Flat 1, Stripes, Flat 3, Gradient, Flat 2, Lace, Tie Dye, Plaid.
  • New Decals: Barnacles, Palms, Crab, Puka Shells, Flowers, Shark.

Level 3 (Fame Pack) –

  • New Blueprints: Jack of All Shades, Fine & Dandy, The Short Spike, Hero’s Mask, Formal Tuxedo, Pencil Skirt, New-Fangled Bangles, The Braided Pony, The Pro, Brush It Off.
  • New Fabrics: Disco Ball, Black Leather, Flat 3, Flat 2, Sequin, Polka Dots, Neon Stars, Flat 1, Bolt. 

Level 4 (Wild Pack) –

  • New Blueprints: The Claw-some, Feathered Wings, Top Dog, Sea Shark, Lizard Body, Lizard Claws, Lizard Feet, The Lizard Head.
  • New Fabrics: Brown Fur, Flat 3, Cheetah Print, Flat 2, Zebra Strips, Leaves, Parrot Feathers, Blue Scales, Flat 1.
  • New Decals: Butterfly, Parrot Wings, Claw Marks, Paw Print, Crocodile, Stone Stud.
  • New Emojis: Fish, Angry Crab, Dog Face, Frowning Squid, Cat Face, Grinning Shark.

Level 5 (Sharing Pack) –

  • New Blueprints: Vendor Uniform, Bake It Easy, Crate Co. Shorts, The Chef-tastic, The Dreamer, The Shaggy Surf, Foodtrekker Staff Hat, All The Frills, Tank & Sweater.
  • New Fabrics: Flat 2, Sprinkles, Strips, Pizza, Flat 1, Stinky Cheese, Rainbow Sequin, Cake, Flat 3.
  • New Decals: Level Badge, Party Emoji, Icing Dollop, Pinata Emoji, Bow, Tape. 
  • New Emojis: Stinky Cheese, Hot Chocolate, Eating, Birthday Cake, Fishdog, Squid Stick, Pizza, Smoothie, Eating Cake.

Level 6 (Sports Pack) –

  • New Blueprints: Infinity Scarf, Cheer Uniform, Race You There, Mighty Mitts, Expedition Boots, Jersey, Quarterback Helmet, The Whip Flip, The Shortcut.
  • New Fabrics: Mesh, Camo, Flat 2, Fire, Flat 3, Down Vest, Flat 1, Soccer Ball, Jersey.
  • New Decals: 00, Leaves, Campfire, Mountains, Dragonfly, Star. 
  • New Emojis: Whistling Face, Trophy, Thumbs Up Sign, Cheering Face, Race Flag, Number One Fan Finger. 

Level 7 (Fantasy Pack) –

  • New Blueprints: Royal Crown, The Crowning Glory, Costume Ball Mask, Noble Gown, Knight’s Lid, Knight’s Armor, Knight’s Boots, Adventurers Wanted, Fairy Wings.
  • New Fabrics: Flat 3, Brocade, Flat 1, Celtic, Flat 2, Red Velvet, Brushed Metal, Dark Leather, Celtic Large.
  • New Decals: Brooch, Rook, Fish Knot, Sea Dragon, Magic Swirl, Shield Tabard. 

Level 8 (Fashion Pack) –

  • New Blueprints: Drama Amp, Lifestyle Tights, Bling Ring, Deluxe Gown, Sharp Shoes, Thick-Frame Glasses, The Whip Flip, Peplum Top, Skyscraper Tops.
  • New Fabrics: Flat 2, Stripes, Flat 1, Gold, Crystal, Brown Leather, Light Denim, Flat 3, Vees. 
  • New Decals: Abstract Diamonds, Ripped Denim, Diamond Collar, Rose, Pocket Outline, Sunglasses. 

Level 9 (Future Pack) –

  • New Blueprints: Motorcycle Helmet, Penguin Protector 3000, Headphones, Alien Feet, Alien Body, Alien Head, Alien Hands, Lunar Kicks, Robot Armatures.
  • New Fabrics: Creature Leather, Flat 1, Circuit, Glitter, Galaxy, Flat 2, Flat 3, Chrome, Hexagon.
  • New Decals: Circuit, Spots, Comet, UFO, Control Panel, Vortex.

Level 10 (Party Pack) –

  • New Blueprints: The Top Mop, Tall Spike, Must Have Mustache, Buttoned Up, Hooded Jacket, Feather Boa, Hardest Hat, Mercury Messengers, New Dimensions.
  • New Fabrics: Night Shimmer, Fun Fur, Flat 1, Stripes, Flat 3, Geometric, Flat 2, Rainbow Gradient, Fireworks.
  • New Decals: Level Badge, Lighthouse, Glow Crystals, Rave Emoji, Fireworks, Tour Guide.
  • New Gear:
  • New Emojis: Fireworks, Party Blaster, Pinata Glow Stick, Party Face, Fish Wearing Shades.
  • New Party Supplies:

Level 11 (Winter Pack) –

  • New Blueprints: Undercut, The Waterfall, Ski Patrol Jacket, Wolf Body, Wolf Head, Wolf Feet, Wolf Paws, Summit Seeker, Tee-rrific Twosome.
  • New Fabrics: Flat 3, Snowflakes, Fur, Frosty Leaves, Flat 2, Ice, Flat 1, Northern Lights, Nordic Knit.
  • New Decals: Icicles, Snowboard, Knit Band, Snowflake, Moon, Wolf.

Level 12 (Vintage Pack) –

  • New Blueprints: The Topper, Eyes on the Prize, All Tied Up, Forget Me Knot, Handy Watch, Get Down to Business, Beauty Bow.
  • New Fabrics: Corduroy, Tweed, Flat 2, Plaid Warm, Polka Dots, Oberries, Flat 1, Argyle Yellow, Flat 3.
  • New Decals: Braid, Mustache, Button Brass, Studded Belt, Dots, Tuxedo. 

Level 13 (Coming Soon!) –