Earn Coins Fast

Need Coins to buy that certain clothing to complete your latest outfit? Or to buy some Party Supplies for a Party later today? And you need to gather some Coins fast and easy on Club Penguin Island? Well we have a complete guide on the fastest and easiest ways to earn Coins on the Island.

Collecting Treasures:

One of the simplest ways to earn fast Coins is to collect treasures around the Island, there are many Treasures in each Club Penguin Island room, and once you have collected all the Treasures you can exchange them at the Exchange Center in Beacon Boardwalk near Aunt Arctic. List of things you can Collect and where.

Daily Challenges/Adventures:

If you have some free time, and aren’t in a big hurry for Coins, doing the Daily Challenges and/or Adventures are a great Coin maker, and as well can help increase your Penguin Level. Guides on how to complete an Adventure.


Fishing can only be done ten times in a day, but it’s a very quick way to earn those extra few coins you need. List of everything you can catch.




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