Episode 4 – Mirror Mirror

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Aunt Arctic’s Mirror Mirror (Episode 4) Adventure.

The Lighthouse is almost safe for Rockhopper to set sail again, but they still need a few extra things done before he can and that’s where you come in. You will have to find a new mirror to help focus the Lighthouse’s light beam.

To begin this Adventure, speak to Aunt Arctic. “You’re done good work with the Lighthouse, but we still need a mirror to focus its beam.”

Step 1. Talk to Rockhopper, he located on his Ship on the far left side of Beacon Boardwalk.

Step 2. Collect Squid Tentacle. Go the the Fishing Spot and attach the Squid Tentacle to your Fishing Rod and cast your line out.

Step 3. Fish for the first two pieces of the Sea Glass, once you found the first two pieces, a Crab will steal the last one. Causing you to have to Talk to Aunt Arctic to figure out how to get it back.

Step 4. Speak to Aunt Arctic. Collect Crab Costume. Equip Crab Costume. Waddle to the Deep Sea Caves.

Step 5. Dive into the Deep Sea Caves, and swim South-West. The Crab Den is just below the Party Submarine. Swim around the Crabs, and remember to refill your bubble, since you might hit a few Crabs in the tricky Crab Den.

Step 6. Once at the end of the Crab Den, use the Queen Emoji to scare the Crabs into swimming away and giving you the chance to claim the last Sea Glass piece. Now that you have it return to the Surface.

Step 7. Waddle back to Beacon Boardwalk to speak with Rockhopper.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Aunt Arctic’s Mirror Mirror (Episode 4). Collect your Coins and XP.

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One comment

  1. Ok i have an issue an error message popped up while i was given the crab costume and it closed out my episode so i went back in and no costume was there


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