Episode 2 – Rock the Volcano

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Aunt Arctic’s Rock the Volcano (Episode 2) Adventure.

The new Club Penguin Island’s Beacon has frozen over, and that is a problem for Rockhopper because he could crash again, like in Leaky Landing. You must melt the ice on the Beacon.

To begin this Adventure, you must speak to Aunt Arctic. “The Lighthouse is frozen. Without its light, Rockhopper could crash again.”

Step 1. Collect Hot Sauce, Lava Suit. Equip Lava Suit.

Step 2. Waddle into Coconut Cove and look for three Vents near Rock Walls and fill them with Hot Sauce, by interacting with them. They are located beside the Coconut Cove entrance, beside the SS Convenience, and beside the Deep Sea Caves entrance.

Step 3. Once all three Vents are found and filled with Hot Sauce, waddle onto the Coconut Cove’s Stage and play an any instrument.

Step 4. Play all three Riffs with your selected instrument.

Step 5. A Cut sense will happen where the Volcano erupts and you must collect five Lava Blobs. They are located in front of Coconut Cove’s Stage, beside the Coconut Cove’s Stage, another in front of the Coconut Cove’s Stage, near Coconut Cove’s Waterfall and lastly in front of Coconut Cove’s bouncy Floats.

Step 6. Once you have collected all the Lava Blobs, waddle back to the Lighthouse Deck at the Beacon Boardwalk.

Step 7. Melt/Interact with the Lighthouse ice five times to melt it. Then open the Lighthouse Hatch.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Aunt Arctic’s Rock the Volcano (Episode 2). Collect your 50 Coins and 85 XP.

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