Episode 1 – Leaky Landing

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Aunt Arctic’s Leaky Landing (Episode 1) Adventure.

Rockhopper’s Ship, The Migrator is bring you to the new Club Penguin Island, but just as you’re docking, you and Rockhopper run into some issues, and you must help him fix them. But don’t worry Aunt Arctic will be leading us a flipper as well.

To begin this Adventure, log onto a new Club Penguin Island account. How to create a Club Penguin Island Account.

Step 1. Directly in-front of your Penguin is a Cannon, interact with the Cannon. Swim towards the Ice Berg that Aunt Arctic is standing on, once on the Ice Berg Speak to Aunt Arctic by interacting with her. Tap My Penguin – My Profile – Color and select a Penguin color.

Step 2. You must search the Boardwalk for Wood Piles, to pick up Wood Piles, you must interact with them. The First pile is directly in front of you on the beach part of Beacon Boardwalk, Second is just to your right, up the hill and in front of the Wish Squid / beside the Waterslide, the last pile is beside the Fishing arrow sign / to the left of the Welcome circle. Collect Wood Planks. Tap the Spring icon to Jump.

Step 3. Waddle to your left, and Rockhopper will be on his ship, The Migrator. Speak to Rockhopper.

Step 4. Stand over each of the three leaks and interact with them with the Jackhammer. Select any of the three options for Jack-hammering. Collect Reward: New Gear: Jackhammer, New Emojis. You earned 50 coins and 10 XP.

Step 5. Coconut Cove is located to your far right, just past The Exchange. Waddle to Coconut Cove and interact to use the Zipline to your far right, to get onto the Dock. Interact with Starter Kit. Collect Starter Kit.

Step 6. Return to Beacon Boardwalk and waddle slightly to your left to speak with Aunt Arctic. Collect Starter Kit: New Blueprints, New Fabrics, New Decals. You earned 250 Coins and 25 XP.

Step 7. Tap My Penguin – My Style – Create – Hoodie Blueprint – Choose. Design the Hoodie to your liking. Tap the Checkmark, Buy for 50 Coins and exit out.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Aunt Arctic’s Leaky Landing (Episode 1). Collect your 50 Coins and 55 XP.

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  1. When I go to the part where Aunt Arctic asks me to design some clothing, a pop up that says “swap to decals when you’re ready” pops up and it won’t go away.


  2. I have the same problem, when I try to fix the holes in the boat it doesn’t let me pull out a jack hammer. I can only throw snowballs, or jump into a life ring.


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