Episode 7 – Double Click

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Aunt Arctic’s Double Click (Episode 7) Adventure.

Rookie has a unique skill and that is that he can speak Crab, and he will be sharing to you on how to speak Crab as well.

To begin this Adventure, you must speak to Aunt Arctic. “I have another assignment for you. I’d like you to learn from Rookie.”

Step 1. Waddle to Coconut Cove and Rookie will be on the island in front of the Lifeguard Station. Interact to speak with Rookie.

Step 2. Jump to say “Hi” in Crab. Now you must open up your Emoji menu, then Rookie will give you Crab Emojis. Collect Reward. Open your Emoji menu, the new Crab Emojis are near the back. Use the “Crab Check mark” Emoji. Now use “Fishdog Crab !” Emojis.

Step 3. Waddle to the Beacon Boardwalk’s Foodtrekker. Waddle in front of Klutzy and Jump to say “Hi”. Open your Emoji Menu and use the “Crab Check Mark” Emoji. Now use the “Crab X” Emoji. Purchase or equip a Pizza Tray or Pizza Slice. To equip a Pizza Tray or Pizza Slice go to My Inventory – Party Supplies.

Step 4. Interact with the Note.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Aunt Arctic’s Double Click (Chapter 2, Episode 7). Collect your Coins and XP.

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