Episode 5 – Gathering Storm

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Aunt Arctic’s Gathering Storm (Episode 5) Adventure.

Just when you think it’s all over, it gets worst, but what will he do next? Thankfully you have your Team of Penguins helping us.

To begin this Adventure, you must speak to Aunt Arctic. “With Herbert’s device damaged, we have some breathing room. There’s work to do, however.”

Step 1. Waddle to Coconut Cove and head to the Lifeguard Station.

Step 2. Now Waddle to the Sea Caves and dive. 3 out of 6 Sea Sponges are located just in front of the Race Course, which is your first left in the Sea Caves. The other 3 are located just below the Race Course’s Finish Line. Interact to gather them. Collect x6 Sea Sponges. Return back to the Coconut Cove’s Lifeguard Station. Interact with the Lifeguard Station’s Tower to clean.

Step 3. The 1st Wood pile is located on the Coconut Cove’s Waterfall ledges. The 2nd Wood pile is located on the island in front of the Lifeguard Station. The 3rd Wood pile is located on the island with the Bouncy Air Bag. The 4th Wood pile is located under Jawbone, just right of the Beacon Boardwalk entrance. The 5th Wood pile is located right beside the Sea Caves’s entrance. Collect Wood piles. Return to the Coconut Cove’s Lifeguard Station.

Step 4. Equip your Jackhammer by going into My Inventory – Gear – Jackhammer. Use the Jackhammer beside the Lifeguard Station’s Tower. Match the Glass Pieces to their correct place.

Step 5. Return to Beacon Boardwalk’s Exchange with Aunt Arctic.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Aunt Arctic’s Gathering Storm (Chapter 2, Episode 5). Collect your Coins and XP.

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