Episode 2 – Point of View

Club Penguin Island Help’s guide to Aunt Arctic’s Point of View (Episode 2) Adventure.

You’re partnered with Jet Pack Guy (JPG) on figuring out what is approaching Club Penguin Island.

To begin this Adventure, you must speak to Aunt Arctic. “You tracked the electric signal to the Cove’s coast, but we need to find out what is causing it.”

Step 1. Waddle to the Coconut Cove, and past the Stage, you turn right and Jet Pack Guy (JPG) will be standing at the Lifeguard Station. Interact to speak with him.

Step 2. Just to your left, a Green Arrow will be pointing down at the Lifeguard Kit, Interact with it to Equip it. Use the Binoculars which is the 3rd icon.

Step 3. Waddle to the Beacon Boardwalk and speak with Rockhopper, who is on his ship, The Migrator on the far left side of Beacon Boardwalk. Interact to speak with him.

Step 4. Collect Magnet. Waddle to the Fishing Spot and cast out a line. (Learn how to Fish here). Collect Metal Crate. Waddle to the Cannon on the Left side of the Beacon Boardwalk, Interact to load the Crate into it. Swim over to the Jetpack Fuel and Collect Jetpack Fuel.

Step 5. Waddle back to Jet Pack Guy (JPG) in the Coconut Cove at the Lifeguard Station. Match the Pictures to their correct spots on the screen. Collect Secret Base Photos. Waddle back to the Beacon Boardwalk to speak to Aunt Arctic.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Aunt Arctic’s Point of View (Chapter 2, Episode 2). Collect your Coins and XP.

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