Chapter 1: Episode 3 – Make Up

Step 1. Collect Boombox. Waddle to Island Central, and use the Bongos and Guitar in front of the Igloo Store and Disney Store. Collect Recorded Music.

Step 2. Waddle to the Beacon Boardwalk, you’ll have to collect 5 Pink Flowers, you can find them at these spots: beside the Island Central Exit, pathway up to the Changing Rooms, left side of the Foodtrekker, beside the Picnic Blanket, beside the Wishing Squid. Collect Flower Bunches x5.

Step 3. Return to Island Central, and Purchase a Pizza from Franky’s Pizza Shop. Now Equip the Large Pizza, My Stuff – Party Supplies – Large Pizza. Stand in the Kitchen and Equip the Cooking Kit in the back of the Kitchen.

Step 4. Speak to Rory. Waddle to Beacon Boardwalk, and Speak to Dot, she’s beside the Island Central exit. Waddle to the Fishing Spot, and catch 3 Fluffies. Collect Fluffies x3.

Step 5. Return to Dot. Speak to Rory in The Sea Caves beside the Coconut Cove exit.

Congratulations, you’ve completed DJ Cadence’s Make Up (Chapter 1, Episode 3).


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