Chapter 1: Episode 2 – Make it Work

Step 1. Speak to Dot beside The Migrator (Rockhopper’s Ship) in Beacon Boardwalk. Now Speak to Rory above the entrance in The Sea Caves.

Step 2. Gather some Confetti Flowers in the Beacon Boardwalk, you can find some at these spots: on the way up to the Waterslide, beside to Wishing Squid, and on the way to Coconut Cove. Collect Confetti Pile.

Step 3. Return to Dot again, and place the Confetti beside her. Waddle to Mt. Blizzard, climb up the Mountain and Tube down Summit Plummet (Red) Sledding Course to collect the 5 Star Decals. Collect Star Decals x5.

Step 4. Return to Rory.

Congratulations, you’ve completed DJ Cadence’s Make It Work (Chapter 1, Episode 2).


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