Aunt Arctic

List of all Aunt Arctic’s Adventures:

Chapter 1 – Bright Idea:

Episode 1 – Leaky Landing

Episode 2 – Rock the Volcano

Episode 3 – Hatching a Plan

Episode 4 – Mirror Mirror

Episode 5 – Enlightenment

Chapter 2 – Shocking Secrets:

Episode 1 – Machine Malfunctions

Episode 2 – Point of View

Episode 3 – Dot’s Disguises

Episode 4 – Icy Infiltration

Episode 5 – Gathering Storm

Episode 6 – Hot Bottle

Episode 7 – Double Click

Episode 8 – System Defender

Episode 9 – Burying Treasure

Episode 10 – Skyberg Assault



  1. Hi! Whenever I try to hammer the leaks, I cannot hold the jackhammer so I get stuck. Is there any way to fix this so I can hold the jackhammer and actually fix the leaks?


    1. Refresh the game, or try to access the Jackhammer from Your Gear or from the work sites just north of the Event Circle in Beacon Boardwalk.


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