How do I start an Adventure?

To start an Adventure, look for a Penguin with a Star above their head or in My Adventures tab. Interact with the Special Penguin Character and choose which Adventure you would like to do, new ones will have an (!). Once you have decided which Adventure to do, tap the “Start Adventure” button. Now you’ve started an Adventure!

Can I do more than one Adventure at a time?

No, you can not. You can only have one active Adventure going at a time.

What happens if I log out or lose connection during an Adventure?

Don’t worry, the Adventure will save your progress during that Adventure, once you have logged back onto Club Penguin Island, all you must do is interact with that Special Penguin Character again to start where you left off.

I can’t find the Item that I’m looking for in the Adventure?

Are you a bit lost, well in some Adventures if you wait long enough, the Special Penguin Character that gave you the Adventure, will pop up to give you some better hints. If you’re still having issues, you can ask other Penguin, check our Adventures Guides, or email Club Penguin Island Support.

What is a Penguin Level?

Every Penguin starts at level 1. Completing Adventures and Daily Challenges help progress your Penguin to the next level. Your level is shown in My Penguin – My Profile, you have two colored Stars each is based on a Special Penguin Character and your Penguin Level is the two of them plus together. As your Penguin Level increases, you can create more Clothing, purchase more Party Supplies, and do more Adventures.

What is the Max Level for Penguins?

The Max Level for everyone at the moment is 21, you can check out what can you earn by reaching each level here.

What should I do if my Adventure Items aren’t showing up?

Sometimes an Adventure will bug out, meaning the items do not appear. In that case, most of the time leaving and going back to the room that you were should solve the problem. If not refresh the Club Penguin Island app and take the quest again. If none of these fix it, contact Club Penguin Island Support Team.

Who can I get Adventures from?

You can currently get Adventures from three Penguins, Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic and the newest one Rookie. Rockhopper is located on his ship, The Migrator on the left side of Beacon Boardwalk. Aunt Arctic is located beside the Exchange Center in Beacon Boardwalk and Rookie is located at Mt. Blizzard in the top part, beside Summit Plummet.

Guides to Adventures

(Click on the images, to access each penguin adventure guides)
Aunt Arctic           Rockhopper           Rookie





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  1. In rockhopper epsiode 3 (gongs away) the tablet with vines wont appear and ive tried refreshing and changing clothes and everything. It wont work for my friend either.


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