Where can I find these Collectibles?

There are collectibles in every room on Club Penguin Island, some are hidden and some require you to jump up to them, or boost into them. Most collectibles are nature to the Island, so you never know what could be a Collectible.

How do I pick up a Collectible?

To pick up a Collectible, you must waddle up to it and interact with it. Some also drop or explode causing you to have to collect them before they disappear.

I pick up all the Collectibles, when will they come back?

Yes, they will, collectibles respawn few minutes, check out the Chart below for more information.

Where can I sell them?

You can sell your collectibles at The Exchange in Beacon Boardwalk beside Aunt Arctic for Coins.

It says that I don’t have enough of a Collectible?

Some collectibles require you to have a certain number of them before you can exchange them for Coins.

List of collectibles



Coin exchange rate


Amount per area

Respawn time

Collectible seashell
Seashells 1 coin per 4 shells Beacon Boardwalk, Coconut Cove 26 (Beacon Boardwalk),
49 (Coconut Cove)
15 minutes
Collectible confetti flower
Confetti flowers 1 coin per 2 flowers Beacon Boardwalk (interact with large flowers) 15 total; 5 flowers with 3 per flower 30 minutes
Collectible seaweed
Seaweed 1 coin per 2 seaweeds Beacon Boardwalk 13 30 minutes
Collectible coconut
Coconuts 1 coin per 2 coconuts Coconut Cove (interact with palm trees bearing coconuts) 12 total; 4 trees with 3 per tree 30 minutes
Collectible crystal single
Crystals (single) 1 coin per 4 crystals The Sea Caves 101 15 minutes
Collectible crystal cluster
Crystals (cluster) 1 coin per 1 crystal The Sea Caves 19 At midnight in PST
Collectible sea sponge
Sea sponges 1 coin per 2 sponges The Sea Caves (interact with rocks with sea sponges attached) 9 total; 3 rocks with 3 per rock 30 minutes
Collectible pearl
Pearls 1 coin per 4 pearls The Sea Caves (grab from an oyster while their mouth is open) 5 15 minutes
Collectible ice crystal
Ice crystals 1 coin per 4 crystals Mt. Blizzard 90 15 minutes
Collectible choklidium
Choklidium 1 coin per 2 ore Mt. Blizzard 15 total; 5 clusters with 3 per cluster 30 minutes

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