The Medieval Party is Coming to Club Penguin Island – Sneak Peeks!

Hello Penguins,

Yes! The Club Penguin Island Team has officially confirmed that the Medieval (August) Party is coming to the Island soon! No idea on a date, but that it’s coming in August. Now let’s check out these Sneak Peeks.


Penguins will feel like they’ve traveled back in time as they’re waddling around a redecorated Beacon Boardwalk, complete with medieval buildings, old school banners, comfy hay bales, and more. By the picnic area, penguins will discover an eerie cave that serves as an entrance to an unfamiliar Dungeon…


The Dungeon will have four different rooms, each consisting of different features and activities, and treasures!


Is this, er, “water” safe to swim in? Yuck…


It kind of looks like something lives in here… *gulp*


Wow! I can’t wait until the Medieval Party! Tell us what you’re most excited for in these Sneak Peeks! Also I should have a more breakdown post for these Sneak Peeks later today!

Waddle On!


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