Medieval Party Sneak Peeks Breakdown – Scorn the Dragon King?

Hello Penguins,

Earlier today we got some huge Sneak Peeks and confirmation about the August Party being the Medieval Party! Now I chatted with other players in the community to see what other little information we can find hidden within those Sneak Peeks and I think our friend Surge has found a huge secret!

Surge has found some Scorn Flags around in the Sneak Peek pictures. Scorn was an enemy that Penguins fought on Club Penguin Classic during the Medieval Party 2012. More Information about Scorn here. Check out the Scorn Flags,

Photo Credit to Surge

Those Scorn Flags are pretty clear to see. Do you think we could see Scorn at the Medieval Party? Also could this mean that those Slimes from an earlier Sneak Peek, my guess is that they could be Scorn’s minions.

Our friend, Spice has found another door on the left side of the Beacon Boardwalk’s Exchange Center, where could this lead to..

Screenshot (4)

Photo Credit to Spice

It’s awesome to see Penguins breaking down these Sneak Peeks to figure out new information about these Parties! Could the Scorn Flags be a referring to Club Penguin Classic, or could he really return… Only time will tell. Until next time,

Waddle On!


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