Tips on How to earn Penguin of the Week on Club Penguin Island?

Howdy Penguins,

Have you ever wanted to win Penguin of the Week, but you try each week with no luck.. Well I know there are so many great Penguins out there that deserve Penguin of the Week, but never win. But don’t worry, hopefully with this post, we can help you increase your chances of getting noticed by other players and for them to nominate you for all your help that you provide to other players and the game.

Now what better way for great tips then to get the advice from past Penguin of the Week winners from both Club Penguin Island and Club Penguin Classic. Let’s check out their advice.

  • “Let them be themselves, kind and help the other penguins on the island. You don’t have to ask to be nominated, your friends can do it when you least expect it.” – Azu51
  • “With how the community is largely in contact with the club penguin team on Twitter now, I think it is very important to make a good impression off the island as well. If you engage with the team, share your creativity, and try to enforce a positive mindset on Twitter, it will make considering you all the more likely! Then, get a friend who would be willing to write something nice about you on the CPI blog. Usually, people don’t do this unless they ask you (which takes away from the whole point of it lol), but I think it’s important that the team knows you’re a positive influencer.” – Bacon
  • “Always be friendly on the island and help the penguins in the daily challenges!” – Esqubi6
  • “Don’t actively strive to get it. Don’t be kind only for the reward, don’t only nominate others in hope they will nominate you, don’t beg for it. If you deserve POTW, you will get it eventually, and you probably won’t even suspect it until it happens.” – JcJ44
  • “Find a good friend? Because only with my friends I could win.” – LabFlurry
  • “I would say be friendly to everyone you meet. Don’t go in doing it for the prize. Just he a friendly face. Do it because it’s the right thing to do and if you were in their place, you’d want them to do the same thing. You never know, one of those penguin pals you were friendly to could nominate you. I remember when I won. I had no clue I was even nominated. Just be friendly.” – Madzom8ie
  • “It may sound cliché but really, just be yourself. Go out and have fun on the island and be kind to others. Help with challenges and adventures, give them a tour or just ask how their day is going. Even the smallest gestures can impact greatly someone’s day. I think being active also plays a huge part in getting the award. Try and log in many times to show appreciation towards the team behind the game and support it in any way you can.” – Mimi17740
  • “Be honest, everyone’s friend, A cool penguin, who helps those who need it, but most of all, be yourself.” – Mrpinguim64
  • “Be yourself, don’t try to be someone you are not just to Win, be yourself, always well educated and help others, interact, and make a Pizza Party sometimes, this is how You can be great candidate for POTW.” – RicardoPetim
  • “Act like a role model. Help out penguins by being a tour guide, sharing games, and inviting them to your igloo. Just won a party blaster XL from the daily spin? Use it! Lastly, if you realllly want to be POTW, ask your friends if they think you deserve it and listen to their feedback!” – SpiceCPI

Wow! Thank you to all the amazing Penguins that provided us all some advice on ways to earn Penguin of the Week. I hope these tips help you all out! Until next time,

Waddle On!


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