Join the Pinglantis Competition!

Hey Penguins,

Looking for a fun activity to do on Club Penguin Island for this summer? Well do I have a super fun one for you, not only will you be having fun doing dangerous and even disgusting challenges from what I have heard. But trust me the grand prize is well worth it. How would you love to win a 1 year Membership? Yeah, you heard me right, if you win this Competition, you’ll win a 1 year Membership. Our friends over at Pinglantis, has given us a small summary for you better understand how the Competition will go.

16 penguins – 2 teams – many challenges – ONE winner. Contestants will land on Pinglantis, an abandoned island located on Club Penguin Island, where they will have to face each other in order to win the big prize.

The host and producer of the show, Kevin Boin, will welcome them and explained the rules of the game: it is about facing various kind of perilous, dangerous and… disgusting challenges. The contestants will be divide into two teams: the [name of the team] and the [name of the team].

At the end of each challenge, the losing team will have to eliminate one of its members at the campfire ceremony where the winners will receive a pizza, a symbol of survival, while the loser will have to go to the wharf of shame and jump aboard the Loser Boat to leave the island and the chance to win the big prize.

Towards the middle of the competition, the two teams will be dissolved and the candidates will have to rely on themselves or help each other by forming alliances. At the end, only two candidates will remain in the competition and face the most perilous challenge to hope to win the BIG PRIZE – one year of membership.

Now if you want to join the Competition, all you’ll have to do is click the link and fill in a little bit of information about your Penguin. I can’t wait to see you all hopefully on it, and we will probably be covering this Competition, so if you didn’t make it, we’ll keep you updated on how it’s going!

Join the Pinglantis Competition!

Pinglantis’s Twitter

Waddle On!


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