600 Days Old on Club Penguin Island!

Hey Penguins,

I just turned 600 days old on Club Penguin Island! Feels crazy that it’s already been this long since Club Penguin Island started to allow players to play on Club Penguin Island. Yes, I am a Closed Beta Tester for Club Penguin Island, starting my experience way back on November 18, 2016, testing it with other known Penguins in the Community (Bloxorz, Chilly0ne, Madzom8ie, Penny2415, and Riyita. To be testing the next big project from the Club Penguin Team and fixing bugs, giving suggestions, etc. to make the game safe and as bug-free as we could it was an amazing feeling. Best part was that I was tweeting and blogging about it all, but also giving as little spoilers as I could since I wanted everyone to personally experience it and love it for their own reasons.

I have been an on/off Club Penguin Island player and blogger since Club Penguin Island released worldwide, mainly due to my in-real life job switching up my shifts a lot making it tough to blog actively and play daily, so I had to leave the game for a few months without touching it to put my main focus on my job. Thankfully over months I was able to come back and work on just updating the website, and having active authors post News for the website, but with Club Penguin Island lacking daily content to post other then Daily Challenges made it tough to keep a daily view count strong. At that point I decided to make CPIHelp a standalone Help Blog, which was a success.

Now that I am finding more spare time with my job and my Club Penguin Island website, I been more active in the Community as well as in the game. I’m very happy to have many penguins welcome me back into the Club Penguin Island community, since in my on/off months I wasn’t always seeing the positives things that the Club Penguin Island Team and Community was giving to the game, and I’m sorry to anyone that I was rude to about it. We all have our moments where we lose interest in the game, and that’s fair, but don’t attack the Team or Players over it.

The Club Penguin Island game is still a new game and the Team is working crazy hard to bring it up to what Club Penguin Classic was. We just have to give them the support and ideas to truly make Club Penguin Island a fun island for many more Penguins, new and old.

I’m very excited to bring CPIHelp fully back and work with more Penguins in the community! Until next time,

Waddle On!


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