Club Penguin Island’s August Party could be…

Hello Penguins,

If you haven’t watched Tigerrkid’s Club Penguin Island Headquarters video yet, you should to fully understand our theories to what the August Party could be on Club Penguin Island.


Screenshot (1)
Photo by @TheGusst2Gamer

Now at the start of the Sneak Peek part of the video, there is a Secret Code and when decoded will say “August Party”, so now we know that this Sneak Peek will be a Party that will be happening in August. But what will this Party be? Many think it’s going to be a Medieval Party, since the decorations give off that look. Plus I would love to have one, one of personally favourites from Club Penguin Classic, plus there will be more Knights waddling around! Another Party that a few think it might be is an earlier Halloween Party, I think that’s an unlikely one due to Halloween still being months away. Now what are your theories to what this August Party could be? Comment below!

Screenshot (2)

Until next time,

Waddle On!



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