Club Penguin Island Help is Teaming Up with Club Penguin Mountains!

Hello Penguins,

I would like to first announce that Club Penguin Island Help and Club Penguin Mountains are partnering up to help provide content for all players in the Club Penguin community, from the official Team at Club Penguin Island to the fan-made Team at Club Penguin Rewritten. With this partnership between our blogs, it’ll help players find a safe and fun blog for their selected game of choice, and/or both of the games that we cover.

Both Torres126 and myself are fans of both versions of Club Penguin, and he enjoys blogging about CPR and I enjoy blogging about CPI and instead of pushing ourselves to post news about the other version that we don’t enjoy blogging about, we felt that a good partnership between us as friends and bloggers would be better for us and the amazing Club Penguin community. Now to find Club Penguin Mountains on our Blog, he’s on our Blogroll sidebar, as will be at the bottom of this post.

Now Club Penguin Island Help is always open to partner with other Bloggers and even Youtubers, I also have another Community Partnership program coming out soon, if you’re interested send me a Tweet over at @NobleQuester and we can discuss it further!

Club Penguin Mountains

Waddle On!


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