Daily Challenge: Old Faithful

Hey Penguins,

Daily Challenges are a fun way to increase your amount of Coins and Penguin Level Progress for a selected Character. There are new Daily Challenges every day, they refresh at Midnight PST. Some of the Daily Challenges will require you to be a Member, and/or some require Teamwork. To begin doing the Daily Challenges, tap onto your Phone near the top left corner of the Game Screen.

Challenge: Old Faithful

  • Objective: In the Beacon Boardwalk’s Swimming Spot, there will be bubbles that start to bubble, swim on top of those. After a few seconds a Water Geyser will rise, and you’ll be risen into the sky. As a community, ride a total of 1,000
  • Location: Swimming Spot, Beacon Boardwalk
  • Requirements: None
  • Pictures: 35

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