What’s coming to 1.9 update?

Hiya penguins!

Many of you have been asking about what are we going to see in the 1.9 update. Let me tell you that the update will be coming later this month! What we know is that we will be seeing a colorful island. If you’ll like to see more details, here are the update notes for 1.9

Everyone can:

  • Experience the great rainbow migration!
  • Collect rainbow drops from the sky!
  • Wear a new Rainbow Star Tee!
  • Play new levels!
  • Discover the most happening igloos with a new Igloo List on Island Live!

Members can:

  • Access new rainbow-themed igloo furniture!
  • Ride around on a magically amazing new tube!
  • Design outfits with new blueprints, fabrics, and decals!
  • Collect new items including chemistry beakers, a forest wand, and even rainbow smoothies!
  • Be the belle of the ball with new Descendants 2 Cotillion fashion!

Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks!

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