Club Penguin Island’s Twitter Q&A Recap!

Hey Penguins,

On Twitter today, the Club Penguin Island Team (Joe and Sam) hosted a Q&A for players to ask their questions about Club Penguin Island. Now I rounded up all the good answers that we got from them and made it all into one big easy post for you all.

  • Sam, new Community Manager, will be hosting the new Island Insiders series. (source)
  • Club Penguin Island coming to PC/Mac has been in the talks, but nothing is confirmed. (source)
  • Weekend Events will be a continued event on Club Penguin Island. (source)
  • Once Igloos are released they will have a nice selection of furniture items available. (source)
  • The Team is looking into making a better experience for Non-Members, including more Clothing options for them in 2018. (source)
  • Penguins wearing the right now Member item, Beta Hat is being looked into as maybe becoming a Non-Member item as well. (source)
  • At the Holiday Party, there will be Items for everyone. (source)
  • Coins for Change will be returning this year at the Holiday Party. (source)
  • Igloos are coming in the 1.8 App Update. (source)
  • There will be a mini Adventure during the Holiday Party. (source)

A lot of great questions were answered by the Team today, very excited for what they will bring us for the rest of the year and for the future! Until next time,

Waddle On!


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