How long will my Penguin be Banned for?

Hello Penguins,

Getting banned on Club Penguin Island is never a good thing, and sometimes many don’t know why or how long a Ban can take. Now if you try logging into your Banned Penguin, you will get an orange Message pop-up telling you how long you have left until you can play again. But remember you have to be Banned 3 times before your Penguin is Permanently Banned forever.


The Banning order goes like this, 1st Ban = 24 hours, 2nd Ban = 48 hours, and 3rd Ban = 72 hours, after the 3rd one, you’re Permanently Banned forever. Now there has been cases where the Player did nothing wrong and got banned, if you believe that is the case, read this Post. But remember to read and follow the Rules of Club Penguin Island and have fun! Until next time,

Waddle On!


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