How to get Unbanned on Club Penguin Island?

Hey Penguins,

I have seen a few Penguins getting banned and sharing about how they have done nothing wrong, and they’re the type of Penguin that you can believe that didn’t do anything wrong. But now some Penguins do break the Rules and deserve the ban, this simple little guide is for the ones that don’t believe they have done anything wrong.

Not so much of a guide but a guideline on what you should do if your Club Penguin Island account has been banned. All you or your parents must do is send an email to ( and explain to them nicely/respectfully about how you think it could have been a bug on their side that caused the ban. Because it does happen. But pretty much all of the time it’s player based.

Remember if you ever break the Rules and get banned on Club Penguin Island it ruins your chances of ever getting Penguin of the Week, but if the ban was a mistake, it won’t affect your chances of getting Penguin of the Week. Until next time,

Waddle On!

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  1. So, if I got banned and I have no idea why, I will never get POTW? I have always wanted POTW, and I promise I have never purposely or tried to be mean to anyone!


    1. I got banned but I didn’t do anything so i need to get unbanned because I paid for membership and I don’t want it to run out and if I get banned I’ll just be wasting my money and then I’m just paying for nothing and can you please unbanned me


  2. Yeah, so I got banned and I can’t figure out why. Here’s the Story: I was all ready to get a membership but I decided to Go down the Tube slides once more. There was a Penguin named Plainrocky099 and he was bragging about how amazing he was and how everyone elsse is a loser and My name is Plainrock099 and I think someone mistook me for him and reported me for the excessive EGO bragging, so I just sent a message to and I’m waiting for a response about that. and after that Plainrocky099 was never seen again.
    I really wanted to win POTW but IDK if I can because someone made a mistake and reported me, so that’s my story and I’m waiting for a response from


  3. When I contacted support to find out why I was banned, they didn’t tell me. They just copy-pasted the rules. I’ve now been banned 3 times, for 24 hours each, in one month. Just now, it was after being on for only 30 minutes, barely speaking and definitely not saying anything rude or inappropriate in any way. This is ridiculous. I’ve had paid membership for several months, and I get banned for no reason and with no warning multiple times. At this point, I kind of want a refund. This feels like a scam. I don’t even care if this is due to bad chat filters or bots- this is wrong, and I know I’m not the only one having this problem. People are saying they’ll quit if this continues, and I agree with them now.


  4. guys my paid 1 day maybe got rip because i got members yes because i was just kidding about booooooo you stinky really because it was funny and i love funny and after i got banned i wish i got any idea to do unbanned or i dont have any chance is waiting


  5. This is ridiculous! My son has been banned twice in 2 days. My son was banned initially for talking about Pokémon. The lady apologized and said it was in error and it wouldn’t count against him and gave him 100 coins. He was now banned for spelling cooking wrong and they are refusing to lift and saying because his first ban was lifted! He is only 7! They can clearly see what he was saying. He is CRYING now because he had been trying so hard to get Igloo of the month or Penguin of the Week and now he can’t.


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