DuckTales coming to Club Penguin Island’s Disney Store!

Hey Penguins,

The CPI Team was creative and send a Sneak Peek photo to a fan-created Twitter account, ‪CPI_PIX. In this sneak peek you can see that the Disney Store has a new icon and header. If you’re a fan of DuckTales you will notice that the Top Hat looks like Scrooge McDuck’s Top Hat. The other thing to notice in the picture is the Title Heading, looks to be the top of the letter “D” and the colours match the official DuckTales logo. We will showcase the Sneak Peek and some other pictures to better confirm it. 

Sneak Peek:

Scrooge McDuck’s Top Hat:

DuckTales Official Logo:

I remember when lots of CPI Players were requesting them to add DuckTales clothing to the game, and they listened. Until next time,

Waddle On!


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