Hi penguin pals!

The Island News Reporter has posted a new Island Update to the Island News feed on the CPI Phone all about the brand new Tilt-o-tube mini-game for members now in Beacon Boardwalk, for players who might not understand what all of that tilting, shrinking madness is about.

New tube sport bounces onto the island

If you’ve visited Beacon Boardwalk, you’ve seen the new Tilt-o-tube platform. What up with this wild new activity? Your dauntless Island Reporter jumped into the mix to find out!

First, members pop onto the platform while it’s counting down. Once the timer hits zero, the action starts!

I watched the rest of the round from below because… well… I got shoved off as soon as the platform tilted. But, it looks like an exciting mix of action and strategy as tilters bounce off each other and try to stay on the shrinking, tilting tube.

Winning members get trophies (and probably a little shaken up). I’ll try to get an interview with one of the champions, because I don’t think I’ll be claiming gold any time soon.

Happy tubing!

I’ve seen lots of penguins launching themselves onto the Tilt-o-tube in many different ways, trying to not fall off to win that coveted gold trophy. It’s a tough task to stay on until the end, but you can do it!

What do you think about the Tilt-o-tube? Is it your favourite minigame on the Island, or are you more of an Ink or Swim sort of person? Let us know in the comments below! As always, penguins…

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