Club Penguin Island 1.5 Update!

Hiya Penguins,

Sorry, for not posting anything about this new update full of new surprises. Let’s start!

First of, this update was launched Wednesday 26, 2017 to the App Store and Google Play. But, some of the Android users got it before the official launch, so there where some leaks about it on Social Media, mostly on Twitter. Here are some of the details:Captura de pantalla 2017-07-29 a la(s) 21.19.30.png

Moving on, let’s see the details of this Update. This is just a normal update not something exponential.

What’s New?


As every latest update we have, we get new items at Disney Shop. This time, promoting the new Disney movie we got Descendants 2 Styles. You can check theme out clicking on the image below.

D2 Botton.png


From June 29 to August 10, members will be able to collect Blizzard Beach Rewards. Blizzard Beach is a water park at Disney Orlando. Members can earn blueprints and a BB tube. Non-Members can earn a pack of emojis. You can see the pack clicking on the image below.


Also, on the App you get to see decorations at Mt. Blizzard. You can watch a video or the decorations here. (Credit to Pen50gi for the video)


When firstly Login, you’ll see a new Login Screen. This new login screen allows to Remember your Password, when you click the box. It will appear you a pop-up making sure you want to save your password. Now, it would show your outfit and if you have multiple penguins, there is an option where you get to select which one do you want to log in.




This is a new game for Members. This game consists in a spinning tube and it’s like typo Sumo. The last one to stay in the tube wins! (You don’t earn any XP or coins for winning) At the end, the floating tubes goes out to space. This games appears every 3 minutes. Down below you can see a gameplay of it.

Ink or Swim:

This game consists on catching fish. Members can buy, but can everyone can enjoy the game. It’s just of luck if you catch fish or not. The player who catches the most fishes will get an awesome reward! But, of course everyone will also get a reward. Beware! If you get a squid you will loose up to 3 fishes! :O

(Further Posts coming about this new games.)


This New Marketing Screens, are available since July 29th. When you change server or room you will see this popup. Clicking on the image you will see ALL of this 1.5 update.


Well, that will be all for this UPDATE post. Until next time,

bye post



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