Only 3 out of 10 Penguins can Guess Who These Characters Are!

Hey Penguins,

I always see websites advertising things like “You won’t believe what they look like now” or “5 secrets they don’t want to tell you” or the one in the title. Well I felt like actually having some CPI fun with it, where I get you to guess who these Club Penguin Island Characters are, and see how many you got right. Anyways I hope you enjoy the quiz, and if you would like to see more things like this, tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

A: Who is this Penguin?

Aunt Arctic

  1. Cece
  2. PH (Puffle Handler)
  3. Aunt Arctic
  4. Dot

B: Who is this Penguin?


  1. Gift Shop Manager
  2. Gary the Gadget Guy
  3. G Billy
  4. Rockhopper

C: Who is this Penguin?

Jet Pack Guy

  1. Jet Pack Guy
  2. Rockhopper
  3. Jet Pack Surfer
  4. DJ Maxx

D: Who is this Character?


  1. Yarr
  2. Tusk
  3. Herbert P. Bear
  4. Skip

E: Who is this Penguin?


  1. PH (Puffle Handler)
  2. Cadence
  3. Rocky
  4. Dot

F: Who is this Character?


  1. Skip
  2. Shellbeard
  3. Scorn the Dragon King
  4. Tusk

G: Who is this Penguin?


  1. Captain Pirate
  2. Stompin’ Bob
  3. Jet Pack Guy
  4. Rockhopper

H: Who is this Penguin?


  1. Rookie
  2. Rory
  3. DJ Maxx
  4. Dancing Penguin

How did you do? I bet you ace this fun little CPI quiz, if not don’t worry you’ll did a great job! Now here are the Answers to each Question.

Answer Sheet:

  • A: 3
  • B: 2
  • C: 1
  • D: 3
  • E: 4
  • F: 2
  • G: 4
  • H: 1

Tell us what you scored down in the comments below, until next time,

Waddle On!



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